How to Scale a Coaching Business to $50,000 In 90 Days or Less

The market for selling information is growing at a ridiculous rate.

But the REAL money isn’t in the information itself.

It’s in providing direction.

In other words, that means coaching.

Now, we all know that the market is saturated with coaches & they’re desperately looking for clients

While it is hard to get clients, but on the other side, millions of people are looking for coaching help…

It means the market still has a huge capacity & you’ll have all the information you need to take action. You’ll be able to step up and ride that wave toward your own $50,000/month coaching business.

And I’ll even show you how you can do it in the next 90 days.

There is a man, “Russell Brunson” famously quotes, “You’re only ONE sale funnel away from being RICH!”

and he means it…

If you’re a Coach & have few clients now & then… You would not be able to scale. The fact is that to scale a business you need to have a “Sales Funnel” to convert visitors into paying clients. But before that, the first step is to

1- Offer A High-Ticket Service

Most people get this wrong right from the start. To get started, think about what you do really, really, well. What valuable skills or knowledge do YOU have that solves a painful problem for someone else?

Do you have successful clients previously? what value you can add additionally to increase your price. You can package your services into a high-ticket program where you can charge people between $2000-$10,000.

Your clients need you before they’re stuck in a place, in their business or health or relationship & they need your help to get out of it.

Where is your client right now? What end result is he trying to get to?

The gap between is where you come in.

2- Create a coaching program curriculum

As a high ticket coach, you need to map out your coaching program. t will include the detail of the process you’ll provide and also discuss the end results.

In short, How will you help your clients from one point to the other. the curriculum might include doing a training program that would help your clients scale their businesses to $15,000 per month in 8 weeks or less.

You see a clear result with a clear Timeline.

3- Build THIS Highly Predictable Funnel

I’m amazed, how many business owners have no systemized plan for getting new clients. They produce a lot of content, videos, go to networking events, spend days & nights on social media to pray to get their next client.

This need to change, especially

When you have a higher revenue plan. To change the outcome, you first need to change the process.

Here’s a Funnel that you can use to have a predictable system of getting clients. It’ll take hardly take 5 hours to set up the whole Funnel which is incredibly effective.

Having a ClickFunnel alone will change your business forever. A single Funnel can help you to scale to $50,000 within days.

The whole process will be like this:

You’ll derive traffic from social media platforms to your Funnel where you’ll promise them a “case study” or a “Guide” in return of their emails & take them to the next step.

Our goal in the “Guide” or “case study” is to

  1. provide tons of value and
  2. solve just enough of their problem that they see that we can help.

We’ll then invite them to schedule a call with you. They’ll select a suitable time to talk with you. They’ll be 80% sold up to this process & you just need to hop on a call & close them.

How fast you can scale largely depends on your conversion skills.

But, And if you use this system, the odds are likely that you will. 💥

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